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Global leader in food manufacturing delivered 43% more cost saving using KaizApp


The leader of a group operational function within this major manufacturer launched KaizApp in one site initially, followed in quick succession by a roll out to over 10 more sites. Leadership saw immediately that more teams were learning structured improvement thinking faster than anything they had tried before.

The client’s dilemma (The problem)

  • With over 100 manufacturing sites globally, some locations were too small to employ their own Lean specialists, limiting the ability to scale their improvements across the company.
  • They were unable to clearly demonstrate financial return for most of their improvements.
  • COVID made coaching and collaboration more difficult.
  • Too much administration involved in managing their continuous improvement portfolio.
  • Best Practice sharing was ineffective across sites and countries.

How KaizApp helped fix it (The solution)

  • KaizApp was used as the single source for all improvement information making remote coaching and collaboration much easier and more effective – onsite and for those team members working from home.
  • Executives & coaches were able to see the business case for each improvement which gave focus to high impact projects and data driven decisions.
  • The ability to instantly present improvements that were arranged within the App to tell the story of the improvement from beginning to end, reduced administration by over 50%.
  • The KaizApp search function enabled every team member to search improvements by type and access Best Practice more easily and quickly.
  • Standardising and strengthening improvement capability led to over 43% increase in cost savings.

What the client says about working with KaizApp

We are introducing KaizApp across all our locations to strengthen, re-launch and accelerate our global continuous improvement program. We had come to realise that improvement (Lean) is all about the thinking process and technique – which KaizApp is specifically designed to develop. For us, KaizApp has accelerated the development of improvement skills, provided visibility of al improvements globally and increased the capacity of our coaches to facilitate more breakthroughs.

Global leader in food manufacturing
Global head of Lean