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Leading automotive group delivered 55% more performance improvements and restored profitability within just one year


The leader of this automotive group led a continuous improvement agenda that delivered performance improvement which restored the business to profitability.

The client’s dilemma (The problem)

  • Despite a few pockets of Lean excellence, momentum and capacity was lacking to make a real difference.
  • More strategic improvement opportunities needed to be identified.
  • Opportunities needed to be prioritised to be able to deploy resources on the best improvements.
  • Executives, coaches, and shareholders needed to be updated frequently to maintain confidence.
  • Teams found it difficult to run improvements across shifts.

How KaizApp helped fix it (The solution)

  • In just one day, in one site 23 improvements were identified using KaizApp thanks to the ease of capturing opportunities on the go. Day two, in another site they realised similar results.
  • Managing the improvement process through KaizApp made the high priority improvements more visible and resourcing decisions clearer.
  • Information instantly presented from KaizApp amongst teams increased opportunities for problem solving and coaching.
  • Transparency of business cases, value pipeline and status against plan presented with real time data and information made engaging senior leaders and shareholders easier.
  • Using KaizApp as the single source for all performance information has enabled this company’s teams to deliver results in an average of 20% less time.
  • KaizApp made it much easier to collaborate more effectively across all 5 shifts.

What the client says about working with KaizApp

We chose KaizApp to digitise all our improvements because of its ease of use and emphasis on the thought process behind improvement. Previously, our people found A3 improvement too difficult, which locked us out of many breakthroughs and innovations. With KaizApp, we’re able to develop effective A3 thinking and improvement globally, even with remote coaching. Our leaders can also engage with improvements, ensuring faster delivery and better alignment with goals.

Automotive client
Head of Continuous Improvement and Quality