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Multi-billion services group achieved profit improvement plan using KaizApp


Operational managers and improvement practitioners oversee a workforce of over 5,000 staff in 10 locations spanning back-office processing and call centres at this large service group. Together, they implemented KaizApp with a view to enabling an ambitious profit improvement plan starting with a pilot site, followed by using KaizApp at management meetings and thereafter expanding out to all remaining sites.

The client’s dilemma (The problem)

  • Insufficient links between KPIs and financial performance.
  • Highly fragmented information across the company making it impossible to get visibility of what improvements were happening where.
  • Lack of focus on the improvements which would deliver the highest returns.
  • Poor cross site collaboration.
  • Lots of duplication and overlap.
  • Poor stakeholder management with executives and functional leaders.

How KaizApp helped fix it (The solution)

  • Each improvement project input into KaizApp included KPIs and business cases enabling leaders and coaches to see the impact of the improvement portfolio.
  • KaizApp was used as the single source of information across the company and along with the visual progress tracker and action management functionality, leaders were able to get better visibility and control.
  • Each week, managers used KaizApp’s instant presentation feature to share their improvements. This increased the opportunities for collaboration and skills transfer which delivered more powerful improvements.
  • Real time information and the way the information is arranged to tell the story of the improvement from high level to detail, enabled the team to better engage executive stakeholders.