How to skill up and scale up for sustained operational improvement

  • Why do I need an App to do this? What’s unique about KaizApp?
    The App is a way to help you unlock improvement thinking at scale. If you are looking for your improvement process to be consistently applied, KaizApp helps you do just that. It’s unique in two distinct ways.
    • The App enhances the individual’s ability to learn and adopt the leader’s improvement technique by helping them form structure in their thinking. Step by step. The right questions. The right evidence. Smart decisions. Guided virtually from beginning to end.
    • Teams can easily arrange insights, images, reporting & solutions in such a way that it tells the story of the improvement from start to finish. From definition to the goal met. Headlines to detail. Visual and numeric display. Presentable or searchable.
  • How can I get visibility of all the improvements in my organisation
    To achieve full visibility and control of all your initiatives you can use KaizApp as the only application for all improvement information. All your improvements, owners, evidence, progress, and financial impact, in one place, visible and up to date anytime, anywhere. Making it easier to see what’s going on in real time – all at your fingertips.
  • How can I achieve better collaboration?
    You can improve collaboration through the ability to present structured information anywhere on any device with language translation and by using the instant messaging. In addition to these, one of the most powerful things that our clients appreciate is the real time nature of the information available to everyone and how this initiates more conversations, more questions and increased collaboration across multiple sites and time zones resulting in more rapid delivery of breakthrough results.
  • How can I coach more people?
    Anyone who has been a coach has felt the burden of administration. So, we made it part of our mission to halve the time coaches need to spend on admin. You can benefit from this simply because the App removes the need for the coach to gather, organise and report out on improvements – all this is done within KaizApp. The screen ready projection format means that all data and visuals are ready to present at any time, organised in a way that tells a compelling story of the improvement, its status and its impact on KPIs and financials. So, the 480 minutes of the leaders’ day can now be spent on the important things like coaching teams and driving results.
  • How do I get my team’s focus on the projects with the best ROI?
    Teams using KaizApp see the business cases stored in each improvement along with the ability to regulate their ranking based on financial impact. This intelligence combined with the ability to see in the App how the improvement is performing against the agreed metrics, makes it easier for leaders to prioritise and for coaches to focus on the high value improvements that need support.
  • How do I ensure improvements are aligned with my strategic goals?
    When your team members initiate a new improvement, there is an option for them to specify how it supports one or more of your strategic imperatives. This makes it easier for you to sift and sort improvements based on which goals they support, and make better decisions on the allocation of resources needed to achieve them.
  • How do I make sure that best practices always get shared enterprise wide?
    Best practice initiatives are marked in the App. This accelerates learning and makes it easier for teams to access best practice across the enterprise. Your teams can search improvement initiatives across your entire improvement database using up to 160,000 enterprise-defined categories of type, process, technology, etc as well as by search words. They see all the information about relevant initiatives and get instant access to the owners via email, direct message or phone.

How to get started…

  • How does an organisation get started?
    You can get started in just three easy steps:
    • Sign up for an account
    • Select an onboarding meeting for you and your team
    • Access ongoing support and e-learning as and when required
  • How long does it take to set up a new account?
    Set up can take as little as 20 minutes or up to an hour depending on the number of locations, teams and users.
  • Do I need consultants to deploy KaizApp?
    Some companies use consultants, others do not. That decision depends on whether you want additional coaching capacity to roll-out more quickly and reach full benefits faster.
  • Do team members need specific knowledge or skills to use KaizApp?
    One of the things our customers love is that more people can do more improvements more often. Even without years of deep practice and training, teams can use KaizApp. That’s because they are guided virtually through the entire improvement process from beginning to end. The intuitive design and WhatApps-like interface are aligned with how teams work today (multi device, on the go) which makes it easy for more people to use – no specific skill needed!
  • How do team members respond to participating in a structured continuous improvement process?
    Most of the teams we work with enjoy a standardised approach and appreciate the recognition of their work. It makes collaboration easier, supports employee retention and engages leaders with the same way of working, which leads to better decision making.

How to make the case for investment…