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Mission Statement

To be the preferred improvement OS for Enterprise


  • Unite the shopfloor, management and leadership through visibility and transparency of all improvements
  • Maximise the time for improvement coaching and the effectiveness of it (engagement)
  • Develop structured improvement thinking in adopters and transform problem solving capabilities using AI
  • Be the Go-To enterprise knowledge system for continuous improvement and problem solving
  • Eliminate all forms of non-value-added activity from improvement processes: admin, reporting and preparation
  • Bring together continuous improvement (based on Toyota Production System) and agile ways of working, to sustain maximum engagement and pace of innovation
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Our clients call it the KaizApp Impact… because

  • We provide a sustainable solution which forms the habit of improvement thinking in more teams, more quickly. Building mastery of improvement at scale
  • We accelerate the development of capability so that more of their people, learn more quickly how to develop stronger improvements, more often
  • We provide full visibility and control of all improvements across their entire enterprise. Sharing results, ideas and good practice so that everyone works smarter
  • We connect methods, insight, information, people, and ideas and in doing so make collaboration easy

What do our clients say?

  • We chose KaizApp to digitise all our improvements because of its ease of use and emphasis on the thought process behind improvement. Previously, our people found A3 improvement too difficult, which locked us out of many breakthroughs and innovations. With KaizApp, we’re able to develop effective A3 thinking and improvement globally, even with remote coaching. Our leaders can also engage with improvements, ensuring faster delivery and better alignment with goals.
    Automotive client
    Head of Continuous Improvement and Quality
  • We get problem-solving, and the value of engaging our shopfloor teams as part of a kaizen mindset. Where we do struggle is being able to quickly and easily pull together the results of the problem-solving activities. In some cases, teams have spent as much time on preparing PowerPoint presentations as they have on working on the problem! It was clear from the first view of KaizApp that here was a new and fresh take on how to both easily capture the work on the ‘problem’, as well as being easy to share with others. We see KaizApp as more than just a tool, it’s a positive way to instil problem-solving skills across our teams.
    Global leader in industrial materials
    Head of Business Excellence
  • We are introducing KaizApp across all our locations to strengthen, re-launch and accelerate our global continuous improvement program. We had come to realise that improvement (Lean) is all about the thinking process and technique – which KaizApp is specifically designed to develop. For us, KaizApp has accelerated the development of improvement skills, provided visibility of all improvements globally and increased the capacity of our coaches to facilitate more breakthroughs.
    Multinational food manufacturer
    Global Head of Lean
  • Even though I missed the training it was quite self-explanatory and easy to use, so I think that's really important as we roll it out all the way down to the shopfloor. It's really something that anybody can use and anybody can understand and it's quite easy to collaborate. We have setup a Practical Problem Solving call with the plant and used this app to capture everything that was discussed and because it's so easy to use it really does make it a lot easier. Really useful app, really looking forward to a full roll out.
    Global leader in industrial materials
    Production Manager